Sunday, May 24, 2009

Haunting music video about Leonard Peltier

Peltier has risen to almost legend status among "native American" activists. People from all walks of life have added to the call for Peltier to be released from prison. He holds the dubious record of being one of the longest held prisoners in the U.S.
The crime he is serving time for is an awful one. However, there is controversy about his involvement.
Buggin' Malone is the Rapper you hear in the video. He is of "Native American" decent. Artwork by Bunky Echohawk and Leonard Peltier Video Composition by Tim Wozny.

This is bare bones film making. Whatever your belief about Peltier's part in the crime he is serving time for, this video is Indie art. Both the music and the actual clips put together to form the film.
The Beat Goes On..Tribute to Leonard Peltier

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  1. Powerful powerful vidoe with a true message. I had not seen it and am SO glad you posted it. Thank you Dave.