Saturday, December 12, 2009

UFO Hunters- Dark Presence

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I recently saw this program and became instantly intrigued due to the fact that i live about 50 miles away from the place they call the new "Area 51" and where it is rumored the Men in Black originate. The place is called Dugway Proving Grounds, and has been used by the government for biological and chemical testing since the 1940's, and is well known as being one of the most secret military installations in existence. I have camped in the area many times over the years and have seen strange lights, etc....along with many other people as well.....
The team interviews men who are only now willing to come forward to tell their stories. A sketch artist will create portraits of the MIB(Men in Black) to see if the sightings match. The team will also analyze the only known photograph of a MIB and talk to the photographer. Finally, the team travels to the new "Area 51″ in the Utah desert, to a site rumored to be the place where the MIB originate.

UFO Hunters - The Silencers:

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  1. I totally adore that show! I hope they keep making it--it's my favorite. I wish the ghost hunting shows would follow suit and start to get that interactive with experts, witnesses, and evidence gathering. That was a good and spooky episode.

  2. I enjoy watching that show myself. I have often wondered if UFO sitings or Bigfoot is a result of chemical testing from the government gone wrong. Nice work Dave!

  3. My holiday gift to blogs I follow is to let them know what I love about their blogs.

    Going past the beautiful sleek and classy look of your blog, I just love the content. I'm always asking questions about all things paranormal and juggling the excited kid inside of me with the tempered intelligent and logical adult. You seem to enjoy the same juggling act and I just love your content. Please keep it up!

  4. Re comment by Cris---I have often wondered/thought the same thing. Are these creatures something made by our gov? Then they are turned loose to learn to take care of their selves.
    And other info- I saw the Pheonix lights in 1990 or 91. But I saw them in the desert between Las Vegas and southern California. It was 2 or 3 in the morning.My husband was driving and I was sky watching. It seemed as though the lights were following us. They were always the same distance away. When we got to the Nev and Cal border the highway goes in a different direction. Thats where and when we lost them. We went south and the lights continues west. First time I saw pictures was nine or ten years later. But it was the same lights!