Thursday, May 6, 2010

Utah Treasure Hunting Legends

World famous treasure hunter Floyd Mann tells fascinating stories about the Lost Rhodes Mine curse, buried Montezuma Treasure Gold, Cortez, Outlaws, Kanab lakes demons, Aztec Warriors Ghosts, Robbers roost, Browns hole, The hole in the wall gang, Butch Cassidy Sundance Kid, Moab, Vernal Eastern Utah. Maps and locations. Correspondent Marcus, Produced and Directed by Bob Madsen of Norway Films for Be All Over TV on Kjzz TV.

Montezuma's Treasure Cave~Near Kanab Utah:
Montezuma's Treasure Cave is supposed to have been made by the men of King Montezuma of the Aztec empire around 1520. It was to keep the gold from Cortez and his men. there is a strange symbol carved in the rock below the cave.


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