Monday, August 31, 2009

It's not too late

A wonderful video from songinwind, check out more videos at her youtube channel:

music by Robbie Robertson, "what about now"

Created for all people so afraid to share companionship and love, so stay alone--" just reach out love is a finger tip away" but fear keeps us alone...

You are part of me now
You touched me,
With your kindness and love
So enchanted.
Your soft lips are kind.
Your eyes glow with life.
I'm glad you touched me,
You're part of me now.
Lloyd Carl Owle (Cherokee)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Time of Awakening - How to Survive the Changes A wonderful video to help us through the times of change we are now facing.
Whether you are a follower of the Ascension process, 2012 or just worried about the future as our financial and corporate systems collapse around us. This video gives simple but important knowledge to help us through. All is not always as it seems.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Blessed Be The Pain

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Blessed be the pain,
that we may know the lack of it.
Smile for the fear,
for it makes us brave,
and for the poverty,
because it makes us rich.
Always love the nightmare,
so we will love the dream,
and embrace the loneliness,
that we may hold camaraderie.
Thanks unto the confusion,
that we may know clarity,
and unto the drudgery,
that we may know relaxation.
Blessed be the pain,
that we may know the lack of it.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spiritual Awakenings

I was recently wandering through youtube, in search of uplifting and enlightening videos, when i discovered these gems. The person who created these wonderful videos is named friamin, and they are some of the best i have come across. Check out his channel for more:
I went through and found a few that really inspired me, and i hope you all enjoy them as much as i do... :)

Spiritual Metaphysical:
Your Spiritual Metaphysical connection....To know what God is, is to truly serve God. To find god we must learn to develop our sixth sense. The five senses are fine for this dimension, but imagine the endless possibilities if you were able to tap into your universal consciousness. Daily meditation on God will bring you closer to the truth of who and what you really are.

I am:
Reflect on your spiritual transformation.....God loves you...Learn your true value...Love yourself.....
We are more than what we appear on the surface. What we see in the mirror everyday. What we call I. Peel away these layers of illusion and discover your true identity.
All is ONE....We are not separate.....we all are from the same source.....Peace.....

Forward To The Light:
I have no time to explain the state which envelopes me, nor do I have the inclination to describe the circumstances leading up to the discovery of my own personal journey. It is a road which passes as a wagon travels the terrain of uncharted territory. Non-descript, no end in sight and a yearning desire to reach the final destination.
I was moved by a piece of music that set the tone and inclination for a spiritual connection to the unknown. That place which holds so much mystery and desire for even the simplest of travelers.
It is the journey towards the light. A journey which cant be justified. A journey which you know you must take. A journey that will finally validate you inner most desires. How do you approach this journey?
Do you pack a survival kit? Do you make sure all provisions are in order? Do you start your journey knowing where you want to end up or do you take the journey for the sake of taking the journey. This is up to each of us to decide.
My journey began because of a flower. A flower that spends it's whole life looking for the light. No other purpose no other needs or wants.
It searched for the light which gave it life and completed it''s reason for being.
My journey is that of a flower always searching for the light.
I move forward to the light..........

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beauty and Mystery in Guatemala

Atitlan Tour-Guatemala:
Amazing tour, filled with color, culture and great visuals. Featuring San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlan Guatemala and coffee production, sacred mayan fire ceremony, easter week and more.

Guatemala-day of Dead-Santiago Sacatepéquez:
Imagine a party in the Graveyard, Dia de Los Muertos-the day of the dead in Guatemala, set to the music of John Lennon and Susan Aglukark. No religion no borders just people and spirits enjoying a day in Santiago Sacatepéquez.

Mayan ceremony in Guatemala:
Mayan ceremony led by Pedro Cruz at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Guatemala Video Productions:
Music video from San Pedro la Laguna, Paula Marconi singing

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crystal Skulls~The Big Secret

The year was 1996, Jade Road would meet with David Icke and attempt to expose the Illuminati, and the Skull and Bones Society with a documentary detailing their secrets of illusion and plans for global control, but the copies of these tapes would soon disappear...

Guatemala, Atlantis or Atitlan and the crystal skulls
Crystal skulls were from Atlantis but the secrets were kept at a place called Atitlan in Guatemala with the Mayans.

People from the Sky
Crystal skulls in Tikal Guatemala during activation, confronted by police. Police take part, yaaa!!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crystal Skulls

CRYSTAL SKULLS , The Beginning
How it all began....

What has 2012 and the maya culture have to do with the crystal skulls? The daykeeper of the mayan calender tells some of the secrets....
Crystal Skull and Mayan

Crystal Skulls, of Atitlan (Atlantis)
Guatemala. The Story begins and the secrets of the Crystal skulls from Tikal.

Party with Kannal
In Guatemala at lake Atitlan. With Kannal- in San Marcos

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Shamans gathered for Mayan calender countdown to 2012. Winter solstice celebration at Tikal Guatamala.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Terence McKenna~Hope~Institutions