Friday, June 20, 2014

The Hollow Earth Theory

Father and son researchers Kevin and Matthew Taylor presented their Hollow Earth theory on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory on November 24, 2005. Their theory includes the idea that there is an inner sun and a "perfect environment" for supporting life inside the Earth. In fact, the Taylors contend that beings, thousands of years ahead of us evolved there, and orchestrated humanity's development. "I believe UFOs, gods and Inner Earth people are all one thing," said Kevin. The Taylors painted a picture of the inner world: Because there is little to no gravity, trees and other life forms grow much taller or bigger. There is constant warmth and daylight from the radiating sun. A shallow ocean travels through the land masses. The visual perspective is much different than here as there is no horizon. Continents appear to float in the clouds. Planets the size of Earth and Mars evolve to become hollow and then expand under their own gravitational power, explained the Taylors. They also related that the Great Flood from the time of Noah was created by the Hollow Earth inhabitants who released the water in a careful manner in order to correct an imbalance and guard against a potential meteor impact.

For more, check out some images and text that Matthew Taylor sent Coast to Coast to accompany their presentation HERE

Check out their book Land of No Horizon:


This unusual publication shows all the evidence leads to the fact our planet, and most probably all celestial objects of the galaxy, are going through an unending natural growing process. The evidence of planet Earth's growth is irrefutable yet its acceptance involves, since it would not grow otherwise, the absolute hollowness of the orb. According to the authors' thesis most probably all planets, moons (Yet there is disturbing evidence demonstrating our moon is most likely an artificial object) and stars are going through similar expansive process as well. By logic expanding hollow objects eventually would brake apart but the growing process of a hollow object, according to the authors, implicates fresh matter is naturally and continually produced. Interestingly the famous artist Neal Adams had independently proved the growing Earth process must have slowly but surely led to the dinosaurs' extinction. This is a sober twelve-year in the making, well-researched and well-written, illustrated publication.

Full Length Coast to Coast Radio Interview with Kevin and Matthew Taylor: