Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Terence McKenna~True Hallucinations

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A tribute to the legendary Terence McKenna who passed 10 years ago this April 3, 2010.

This mesmerizing, surreal account of the bizarre adventures of Terence McKenna, his brother Dennis, and a small band of their friends, is a wide ride of exotic experience and scientific inquiry. Exploring the Amazon Basin in search of mythical shamanic hallucinogens, they encounter a host of a unusual characters---including a mushroom, a flying saucer, pirate Mantids from outer space, an appearance by James and Nora Joyce in the guise of poultry, and translinguistic matter---and discover the missing link in the development of human consciousness and language.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Fleecing Of America

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Maurice R. Greenberg, chief fraudster of A.I.G. and 9-11 conspiracy suspect. Greenberg's fraudulent company received more than $180 billion from the U.S. Treasury in the Bush-Obama bail-out.

I recently found some very good and thought provoking videos about the fleecing of America. They really got me thinking, so here is my two cents worth: How can giving more money to the greedy foxes guarding the hen house be good for this country? Seems to me this is the problem, not the solution.....sure to the foxes getting the money, it's the solution, but to the poor hens getting "screwed", it's the problem! The scales of fairness are so tipped, it's sickening....Why is someone who runs a company, and takes most of the profits, considered an important person? They are just fat, glorified criminals in my eyes....shielded by money and power...they get so comfortable taking and taking, they can sit around joking and laughing at fancy parties, all caught up in their cushy lifestyles to even see the long term damage that is being done....then their companies go under, and they cry for more hard working American tax dollars, so they can keep their over-inflated lifestyles!.....hypocrisy at it's finest!... No sense pointing fingers..better sense firing all the greedy louts(in business as well as government) and starting over, giving better cost of living allowances, and health care, retirement, the hard working folks working their asses off....tipping the scales of fairness to a more level playing field...that is the only way to long term growth! This is just my opinion, of course....... :)

These are the videos i found on the subject.....

Your Natural, God-given RIGHTS - Judge Napolitano tells it like it is AGAIN:
Napolitano is unrelenting with his valiant championing of our NATURAL, God-given RIGHTS as they are enumerated (listed/described) within the U.S. Constitution. In just a few minutes he illustrates the difference between items that are innate rights based on your property (your physical body) and items that are goods/commodities, vis-à-vis HEALTHCARE.

Goldman "Sucks" Sachs - Fascism at its finest! Amy Goodman with "Democracy Now" interviews "Rolling Stone" contributing editor Matt Taibbi about his recent article "The Great American Bubble Machine" which discusses the bailouts and the bonuses and how this happend for Goldman (SUCKS) Sachs. Air date: July15, 2009



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