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The Fallen Angels

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The Fallen Angels & Nephilim:
The Fallen angels that were cast out of heaven & the 200 Angels that descended upon Mount Hermon, turned their eyes on the daughters of man and fell into sin. They came in unto them and they bore children called the Nephilim.
(Giants/Seed of the Serpent)
The Fallen Angels mating with the daughters of man was controversial and eventually censored by the early church fathers of Christianity due to the impending celibacy of monks. However, it has survived through Jewish rabbincal traditions and is mentioned by historians and biblical writings in the Christian canon.
*The apocryphal texts are not to be taken as biblical canon. However understanding the history of ancient jewish teaching helps us gain a broader picture of what may have happened. Some of the missing or grey information(stories) in the bible can be illuminated by some non canonised sources which are not exclusively 'inspired texts' but still hold some validity to them. *
*It is important to note that these teachings were widely spread, accepted by the early church fathers up until the 4th century. (due to celibacy of monks and angel worship) Also the Book of enoch was not accepted into biblical canon partly because of its controversial teaching of angels. In the end whether you believe in it or discard it as a whole is irrelevant, what really matters is that you have the saving faith in Jesus Christ.*
Most of the Nephilim were cannibalistic, vicious and greatly feared for their size and strength. The Nephilim spread rapidly and both man and giant were full of corruption. The Nephilim were intended to wipe out the bloodline of God, and God saw no other way but to cleanse the earth of its evil. After the Great Global Flood, 200 angels descended upon Mount Hermon to teach man righteousness.
Instead they fell into sin with the daughters of man after taking on the form of flesh. They gave birth to the Seed of the Serpent again, teaching man all sorts of forbidden arts. They produced Giants that inhabited and roamed the earth, the Nephilim even occupied the Promised land. In the Old Testament, they were called Anakims, Raphaims, Zamzumims. Many ancient Jewish sources tell us about the fall of the Angels in heaven and the ones who fell coming upon the earth.
It is written:
And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. Genesis 3:15
This was a prophecy of Gods bloodline triumphing over satans offspring. It firs signified David whom God chose to slay the remnants of the Nephilim in the natural(flesh) and it was Jesus who would later conquer the Spiritual Giants of sin(spiritual)on the hill of Golgatha. This is also where the Philistine Goliaths skull was believed to be buried hundreds of years before by david.(Golgatha means Hill of the Skull in Hebrew and is interpreted in 2 ways, hill where the skull of Goliath and possible Adam and or the shape of a skull on one side of the hill)
Josephus the famous Jewish Roman Historian talked about the remains of the Nephilim that were on public display in his time. He says that it was common understanding that Giants previously inhabited the world during his time. These Giants stood from 10 to sometimes 30 feet in height, some Nephilim had 6 fingers and 6 toes. Some Nephilim had 2 rows of teeth on both the upper and lower jaw. Famous excavations and discoveries of Giants have been found all over the world, most notably in Ireland, USA, Canada, Europe and all over the Middle East. Native Indian tribes wrote down the account of Red headed double rowed Nephilim that were wild and canabilistic. The tribe eventually stood up against them and set fire to a cave they inhabited, as a result they died, modern day authorities searched the cave finding accurate remains from the accounts of the native tribes. Many legends and myths that we have today are adoptions and variations of the original stories of the fallen angels on Mount Hermon. The Bible and another ancient Jewish sources reveal to us that after death the Nephilim become just spirits, possibly the demonic spirits that inhabit the spiritual realm of earth today.

The Fallen Angels & Angelic Army:
There are several mysterious appearances of an angel referred to as The Angel of the Lord and the Captain of the Host(Angelic Army)
The Fallen Angels mating with the daughters of man was controversial and eventually censored by the early church fathers of Christianity due to the impending celibacy of monks. However, it has survived through Jewish rabbincal traditions and is mentioned by historians and biblical writings in the Christian canon.
Angels are found throughout the bible during the torah and in the life of Jesus. In the Torah or Old Testament. 2 classes of angels are named, seraphim and cherubim. Saint Paul assigns additional ranks of angels. The seven additional classes are, angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, and thrones. While some rankings work together in unison some are separate and distinct. The Angelic Hierarchy can be compared to the church body. All are important and significant and all work together to form the whole angelic body.
There are several mysterious appearance of an angel referred to as The Angel of the Lord. In the Testament of Solomon, many of the demon spirits reveal that they fear and flee at the sound and authority of an angel which has the sum of 644 in his name. In Exodus it is written,
Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.
Exodus 23:20-21

The Fallen Angels & Angelic Hierarchy:
The Fallen Angels mating with the daughters of man was controversial and eventually censored by the early church fathers of Christianity due to the impending celibacy of monks. However, it has survived through Jewish rabbincal traditions and is mentioned by historians and biblical writings in the Christian canon.
Seraphiel is described as an enormous, brilliant angel as tall as the seven heavens. He is beautiful like lightning. As chief of the seraphim, he is committed to their care and teaches them songs to sing for the glorification of God.Metatron, Lucifer, Kemuel, Nathanael, Gabriel, and Seraphiel are all thought to be Seraphim.
Together the angelic beings have been the source of blessings and curses, carrying out the will of God and sometimes falling from Grace. God allowed us to choose right from wrong, life from death, to love and follow or to hate and reject. It began with Lucifer in the garden, appearing as a brilliant charming angel of light. And we fell into sin, tainting the world God has created for us.
But yet God was not done, he sent someone. One who is mighty to save, who Forever is the Author of Salvation, He died but He rose and conquered the grave.
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved..
Romans 10:13
Angel Names - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Hanael, Ariel, Cassiel, Chayyiel, Galgaliel, Jehoel, Metatron, Zerachiel, Yefefiah, Metatron, Sandalfon, Kemuel, Nathanael,

The Archangels & Four Angels of the Throne:
Angels are powerful and dreadful, endowed with wisdom and with knowledge of all earthly events, correct in their judgment, holy, but not infallible. Angels are almost always male and are referred to as 'the sons of God'. However Zechariah 5:9 is the only reference to female angels in which two female beings are seen with wings like that of a crane.
Matthew 28:2-4
Zechariah 5:9
According to Enoch and extra-biblical sources, there are Seven Archangels or Chief Princes of Gods presence, meaning they are permitted in his direct presence. Raguel is said to stretch his wings out over the throne and shield the ministering angels from the consuming fire God and the higher angels. The seven angels of the presence or throne of God are described primarily as. Uriel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Sariel, Gabriel and Jerahmeel.
Revelation 4:5
Revelation 11:15-18
Enoch 20:1-8
Michael, named as the fourth out of seven is first in rank as leader and is probably meant to stand in the middle as the Chief ruling prince. On the other hand, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel are introduced as "the four angels of the face of the Lord." In Enoch, these four archangels stand near the crystal throne of God, each surrounding him on four sides. The throne is encircled by fire and the first triad of seraphim cherubim and thrones.
Moses Ascension:
The revelation of Moses is an account in which he travels up through the clouds and into the heavens on a celestial journey. Upon his arrival the angels ask God, what this man, born of a women desires? God replied he was to receive the Torah, in which the angels disapprove. As the angels are about to strike him down Moses replies at Gods command that the Torah was not fitting for them, as they had not the passions like that of mankind. The angels agree and befriend Moses during his 40 days in heaven.

The Fallen Angels & The Elect One:
Based off of the Book of Enoch:

And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men

And after that I saw all the secrets of the heavens, and how the kingdom is divided, and how the 2 actions of men are weighed in the balance. And there I saw the mansions of the elect and the mansions of the holy, and mine eyes saw there all the sinners being driven from thence which deny the name of the Lord of Spirits

And there I saw One who had a head of days, And His head was white like wool, And with Him was another being whose countenance had the appearance of a man, And his face was full of graciousness, like one of the holy angels. And I asked the angel who went with me and showed me all the hidden things, concerning that Son of Man, who he was, and whence he was, and why he went with the Head of Days? And he answered and said unto me This is the son of Man who hath righteousness

The Watchers & The Book of Enoch:
A journey into the heavens and chambers of hell with Enoch alongside the holy angelic host.

And I looked and turned to another part of the earth, and saw there a deep valley with burning fire. And I asked the angel of peace who went with me, saying: ' For whom are these chains being prepared ? ' And he said unto me: ' These are being prepared for the hosts of Azazel, so that they may take them and cast them into the abyss of complete condemnation, And Michael, and Gabriel, and Raphael, and Phanuel shall take hold of them on that great day, and cast them on that day into the burning furnace, that the Lord of Spirits may take vengeance on them for their unrighteousness in becoming subject to Satan and leading astray those who dwell on the earth.'

And in those days shall punishment come from the Lord of Spirits, and he will open all the chambers of waters which are above the heavens, and of the fountains which are beneath the earth. And all the waters shall be joined with the waters: that which is above and the water which is beneath. And they shall destroy all who dwell on the earth and those who dwell under the ends of the heaven. And when they have recognized their unrighteousness which they have wrought on the earth, then by these shall they perish.

The Angels & Mystery of Heaven:
"I saw on the four sides of the Lord of spirits four presences different from those that sleep not, and I heard the voice of those four presences as they gave glory before the Lord"

Editor Notes
This video is based off of Judeo-Christian and Hebraic roots, the Angels and Mystery of Heaven incorporate extra biblical non cannonitical content, but much of these manuscripts shed light on the mysteries of God and affirm the truths that we already know as Christians! Many references are made to the 'Elect One' or the coming Messiah which was Jesus, it sometimes boggles my mind how Jews can deny Jesus as the Messiah when He fulfilled so many of these prophecies. I spent much of a weekend putting together this video. First step in my productions are researching and compiling a narrative script outline. The next step is recording audio narratives and they are then imported into Premiere, a video editing program. I compile all of my video footage consisting of movie, and game trailers and determine what clips I will use to match the narrative. After importing the various clips and music, I scrub through the footage and cut-in the scenes and arrange the timeline and transition effects. I polish up the video and sequence the climactic parts adjusting audio levels where needed. I compile the video(encode) the video into 1 file and upload it. Encoding takes about 45-1:15 for a 10 min to 15 min video and uploading takes another 40-1 hour time. After the upload I check for different video publishing copyright policies as some companies allow distribution of their content without any regulation and some do not approve of their content. If all checks through the video is finished and ready for viewing by you guys.

The first, Michael, merciful and long-suffering, blesses the Lord of spirits for ever and ever; the second, Raphael, set over the diseases of the children of men, blesses the Elect One, the Messiah and the elect ones who cleave to the Lord of spirits; the third, Gabriel, set over all the powers, intercedes on behalf of the inhabitants of the earth; and the fourth, Uriel, set over repentance and hope of eternal life, prevents the Satans from accusing men."

These four stand near the crystal throne of God, which is encircled by flaming fire, seraphim, cherubim, and ofanim. These beings are referred to as "those that sleep not, and guard the throne of His glory" But Above these angels is seated the Most High, The Lord of Glory and seated at his right hand the Elect One.

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