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Skinwalker Ranch in Utah

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10th january 2006
Journalist George Knapp and research scientist Colm Kelleher, the authors of Hunt for the Skinwalker(1), shared details about a ranch in Utah where the "Gorman" (a pseudonym) family was terrorized by a series of unexplainable encounters that included UFOs of various shapes, mutilated cattle, disembodied voices, poltergeist activity and invincible creatures. The isolated location in northeastern Utah has a history of bizarre reports dating back at least 50 years, with many of the accounts being catalogued by a science teacher, Junior Hicks.
The local Native-American tribe, the Utes, referred to the ranch area as the "path of the Skinwalker," and advised avoiding this land. According to their legend, a skinwalker is an "evil sorcerer," capable of shape-shifting and turning into various animals, explained Knapp. Indeed, when the Gorman family first moved into the ranch in 1994 they encountered a wolf the size of a small horse that was impervious to bullets, even though it was struck numerous times. When they followed the creature, its tracks just suddenly disappeared, as though it had just vanished into thin air, said Kelleher.
In 1996, Tom Gorman saw a blue orb and his dogs chased the object into a dense thicket. He heard a yelping and later found three circles of dried out grass and a gooey mess, as though the animals had been vaporized, Kelleher reported. Before selling the ranch to NIDS (the research organization Kelleher was formerly associated with), the Gormans lost a total of 12 cattle that were mysteriously mutilated. Some type of intelligence, capable of manipulating matter was making its presence known in the area, the two concluded. Knapp further speculated that the ranch could be an "interdimensional portal." - Skinwalker 1-12 Video - Skinwalker 2-12 Video - Skinwalker 3-12 Video - Skinwalker 4-12 Video - Skinwalker 5-12 Video - Skinwalker 6-12 Video - Skinwalker 7-12 Video - Skinwalker 8-12 Video - Skinwalker 9-12 Video - Skinwalker 10-12 Video - Skinwalker 11-12 Video - Skinwalker 12 Video

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UFO Hunters- Dark Presence

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I recently saw this program and became instantly intrigued due to the fact that i live about 50 miles away from the place they call the new "Area 51" and where it is rumored the Men in Black originate. The place is called Dugway Proving Grounds, and has been used by the government for biological and chemical testing since the 1940's, and is well known as being one of the most secret military installations in existence. I have camped in the area many times over the years and have seen strange lights, etc....along with many other people as well.....
The team interviews men who are only now willing to come forward to tell their stories. A sketch artist will create portraits of the MIB(Men in Black) to see if the sightings match. The team will also analyze the only known photograph of a MIB and talk to the photographer. Finally, the team travels to the new "Area 51″ in the Utah desert, to a site rumored to be the place where the MIB originate.

UFO Hunters - The Silencers:

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The Grateful Dead (TV SHOW): The Long Strange Trip

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Take a trip with Zappy, Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Bill Walton, and the rest of their Dead Head friends to the psychedelic world of The Grateful Dead. Listen to the music that created a phenomenal and loyal fan-base while taking a behind-the-scenes tour of the band whose music will undoubtedly last a lifetime... :)

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Odetta- "The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement"

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Odetta Holmes, (December 31, 1930 – December 2, 2008), known as Odetta, was an American singer, actress, guitarist, songwriter, and a human rights activist, often referred to as "The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement". Her musical repertoire consisted largely of American folk music, blues, jazz, and spirituals. An important figure in the American folk music revival of the 1950s and 1960s, she was influential musically and ideologically to many of the key figures of the folk-revival of that time, including Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Mavis Staples, and Janis Joplin.
Find out more about her amazing life here :)
Odetta influenced generations of performers, from Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen.
Harry Belafonte "cited her as a key influence" on his musical career.
Bob Dylan, who said, "The first thing that turned me on to folk singing was Odetta. I heard a record of hers [Odetta Sings Ballads and Blues] in a record store, back when you could listen to records right there in the store. Right then and there, I went out and traded my electric guitar and amplifier for an acoustical guitar, a flat-top Gibson. ... [That album was] just something vital and personal. I learned all the songs on that record. It was her first and the songs were:- Mule Skinner, Waterboy", Jack of Diamonds, (I've Been) 'Buked and (I've Been) Scorned."
In 1965, Odetta recorded an album of Dylan covers, Odetta Sings Dylan.
Joan Baez said "Odetta was a goddess. Her passion moved me. I learned everything she sang."
Janis Joplin - "Janis spent much of her adolescence listening to Odetta, who was also the first person Janis imitated when she started singing".
Thomas Winslow and his daughter Thomasina Winslow, the Blues musicians, heralded her influence to their music.[citation needed]
Poet Maya Angelou once said "If only one could be sure that every 50 years a voice and a soul like Odetta's would come along, the centuries would pass so quickly and painlessly we would hardly recognize time."
John Waters's original screenplay for Hairspray mentions her as an influence on beatniks.
Carly Simon cites Odetta as a major influence, and talks about "going weak in the knees" when she had the opportunity to meet her in Greenwich Village.

Odetta Speaks About Her Life As An Activist:

Odetta - "Keep On Moving It On"....February 2008:
Odetta sings at the Thresholds Arts Festival in Des Moines. A major influence on Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and others....she looks frail, sitting in a wheel chair - but looks are deceiving, she can still carry her own.

Tennessee Ernie Ford and Odetta - What A Friend We Have:
An Exclusive TEF Enterprises MemoryClip From The Ford Show Archives

Odetta Live in concert 2005, "House of the Rising Sun":
We were lucky enough to record Odetta on one of her most energetic and powerful nights in a long time.

Odetta and Johnny Cash:
Odetta on "The Johnny Cash Show," August 30, 1969. The first song she performs is based on a Negro "field blues" song known simply as "Black Woman," then duets with Cash on "Shame And Scandal In The Family," which was written by a calypso artist who went by Sir Lancelot, in the 40s.

Dr.John & Odetta-Brother Can You Spare a Dime:
This oldie was originally written during the depression (1931) by Yip Harburg, who was later blacklisted during the McCathy era. This Spadecaller video updates its relevance to the poor and disenfranchised prevalent in our nation today.

Odetta sings "Glory Halleluja":
Odetta sings "Glory Halleluja" at "Satyagraha: Gandhi's 'Truth Force' in the Age of Climate Change" presented by the Garrison Institute on April 13, 2008 at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York City.

Odetta "Amazing Grace":
Odetta sings at Philly folk fest in summer of '03. Good Stuff!

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David Icke On The Global Awakening

This video series was filmed in Phoenix Arizona. Lecturer and author David Icke explains how the panic-stricken elite are desperate to put the lid back on a global awakening that is stalling their agenda for world domination. Icke explains how drugs, toxic food and electromagnetic pollution are all being ramped up in a last ditch effort to dumb humanity down to a sheep-like mentality so they can be more easily controlled.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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Utah Phillips-Legendary Folk Musician and Labor Activist

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Called The "Golden Voice of the Great Southwest", Utah Phillips, a legendary folk musician and peace and labor activist,died at the age of seventy-three on May 23, 2008.
Over the span of nearly four decades, Utah Phillips worked in what he referred to as "the Trade," performing tirelessly throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. The son of labor organizers, Phillips was a lifelong member of the Industrial Workers of the World, known as the Wobblies. As a teenager, he ran away from home and started living as a hobo who rode the rails and wrote songs about his experiences. In 1956, he joined the Army and served in the Korean War, an experience he would later refer to as the turning point of his life. In 1968, he ran for the US Senate on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket. For the past twenty-one years he lived in Nevada City,California, where he started a nationally syndicated folk music radio show. He also helped found the Hospitality House homeless shelter and the Peace and Justice Center.
A few years before he passed, Utah swung by the place where he grew up, to do a show. The place was Salt Lake City, Utah, my home town. I just sat there in awe, listening to his unique brand of folk music and story telling....So sit back, relax, and listen to the stories, music, and most importantly, the message of a true American original....:)

Direct Action - Utah Phillips:
In memory of a great American, a true voice of the worker and a friend to all people that strive to be free.
Utah Phillips
May 15, 1935 -- May 23, 2008
You are loved and you will be missed!

Utah Phillips on Learning on the Road:
Amy Goodman interviews Utah Phillips for Democracy Now! in 2004. In Part 1 of the interview, he talks about his approach to music and learning from his audiences.

Utah Phillips on War and Non-Violence:
In part 2 of the interview, Utah discusses his own military service and becoming a pacifist.

Utah Phillips on His Name, the IWW, and War Resistance:
In Part 3 of the interview, Utah explains how he got the name "U. Utah", the history of war resistance, and the Wobblies.

Utah Phillips on the Role of the Media:
In part 4 of the interview, Utah talks about television, storytelling, capitalism, and alternative media.

Utah Phillips on "Making a Living, Not a Killing":
In part 5 of the interview, Utah tells how he started out in New York, fired his agent, and decided not to play music for profit.

U. Utah Phillips - 4 - Funniest Story Ever!? His performance at the Strawberry Music Festival Spring 2007, Camp Mather, Yosemite.

'I Will Not Obey' - Utah on Anarchism: Utah Phillips talks about Ammon Hennessy and anarchism.

U. Utah Phillips - Miner's Lullaby:
Utah Phillips discusses his song, "Miner's Lullaby," followed by bluegrass duo Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin performing his song. Miners would take a tin of morphine with them down in the shaft, in case of a cave in, or other disaster to ease the pain as they died. The lyrics of "Miner's Lullaby" are:

MINER'S LULLABY (Bruce 'Utah' Phillips)
Once, long ago, he was handsome and tall
And fit to be called to the war
We left our village, family and all
To never return any more

Now he takes his coat, his bucket and lamp
And whistles away to the cage
Where men young and old from all over the camp
Gather in search of a wage

Husband, sleep, lay your head back and dream
A slow fallen leaf borne down to the stream
Then carried away on the wings of morphine
Homeward far over the sea

My husband and I are Roman in faith
And we have a secret to keep
If ever his life is taken away
Then gentle and long will he sleep

Now some men pass with family around
And linens and blankets so clean
But seldom a miner goes underground
Without his tin of morphine

And now here's a word, an explosion is heard
The miners are trapped far below
If any survived down there alive
I'm certain we never will know

Although our families have vainly appealed
No rescue attempt can be seen
Our hope for loved ones in the dark earth sealed
Now lies in a tin of morphine

Chorus Words and music by Bruce 'Utah' Phillips. On Strike Music BMI.

Source: Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin 'Heart Songs: The Old Time Country Songs of Utah Phillips' Rounder CD 0424.

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2012: Doomsday?

A documentary film by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.

We are commonly asked about the buildings which remain standing. Most were destroyed. What we see are those in remote areas and those which were so incredibly massive in size it was impossible to destroy them, even with the use of cannons. However, the entire Aztec capital was destroyed, and in its place is the capital of Mexico, Mexico City, and its hundreds of Catholic churches and cathedrals.

We are also asked if we believe the world will end in 2012? The answer is: "no." The next cycle of the Mayan calendar ends on 2012. Does this mean the Maya's believed the world end on 2012? No. It means the calendar ends. Yet, there is also a warning, and we must learn from the past, so let those with eyes, see.

Part 1~Fall of the Aztec Empire~

Part 2~Lost Civilizations, Lost Continents~

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Murder Ballads

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Murder ballads are a notable portion of recorded medieval ballads from Scandinavia and Great Britain. In those, the victim overcomes the murderer, tricks him and stabs him to death while sleeping. Thus, justice is fulfilled, and the murderer is punished. Many of those ballads mention a row of dead brides, from seven and up to ten, until the final surviving heroine.
Often the details and locales for a particular murder ballad change as it is sung over time, reflecting the audience and the performer. For example, "Knoxville Girl" is essentially the same ballad as "The Wexford Girl" with the setting transposed from Ireland to Tennessee - the two of them are based on "The Oxford Girl", the original murder ballad set in England.
American murder ballads are often versions of older Old World ballads with any elements of supernatural retribution removed. For example, the English ballad "The Gosport Tragedy" of the 1750s had both murder and vengeance on the murderer by the ghosts of the murdered woman and her unborn baby, who call up a great storm to prevent his ship sailing before tearing him apart. In contrast, the Kentucky version, "Pretty Polly", is a stark murder ballad ending with the murder and burial of the victim in a shallow grave.
A murder ballad typically recounts the details of a mythic or true crime — who the victim is, why the murderer decides to kill him or her, how the victim is lured to the murder site and the act itself — followed by the escape and/or capture of the murderer. Often the ballad ends with the murderer in jail or on their way to the gallows, occasionally with a plea for the listener not to copy the evils committed by the singer.

"Knoxville Girl" at the Museum of Appalachia:
"Knoxville Girl" is an old murder ballad that originated not in Tennessee, but in the British Islands, where it was known by such names as "Wexford Girl." Murder ballads were the tabloid press of centuries past made into a song. Singing it was a spur-of-the-moment act.

The Oxford Girl~Shirley & Dolly Collins:
I fell in love with an Oxford girl...


Doc Watson - Tom Dooley:

El Paso - Marty Robbins:

1913 Massacre~Woody Guthrie:

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Ayahuasca, the world's most powerful herbal medicine!

Ayahuasca is the world's most powerful herbal medicine, not a "drug" to be thought of as child's play. a medicine to be respected. it is used to treat diabetes, addiction, AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue, asthma etc. etc.
for info please visit:

2012 preparation: Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Amazon:
Peter Gorman writes: "Plants, like everything else, are our co-dwellers in the universe. But man has a special relationship with plants. They provide, and have since the beginning of time, the bulk of our food, our clothing, our shelter. Some provide us with the loveliest scents; some with extraordinary color. They're the source of our medicines, their roots work with soil and stone to keep the surface of the earth intact. They go so far as to take the poisonous carbon dioxide that humans exhale and turn it back into human-life-giving oxygen. That's some relationship. Of course it may be that plants only invented us to distribute their seeds, so I'm not suggesting they live to cater to us. But they do provide us with much of what we need to exist on this planet."

Ralph Metzner writes: "Ayahuasca is an hallucinogenic Amazonian plant concoction, that has been used by native Indian and mestizo shamans in Perú, Colombia and Ecuador for healing and divination for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. It is known by various names in the different tribes, including caapi, natema, mihi and yajé. The name ayahuasca is from the Quechua language: huasca means "vine" or "liana" and aya means "souls" or "dead people" or "spirits". Thus "vine of the dead", "vine of the souls" or "vine of the spirits" would all be appropriate English translations. It is however slightly misleading as a name, since the vine Banisteriopsis caapi is only one of two essential ingredients in the hallucinogenic brew, the other one being the leafy plant Psychotria viridis, which contain the powerful psychoactive dimethyltryptamine (DMT). It is the DMT, derivatives of which are also present in various other natural hallucinogens, including the magic mushroom of Mexico, that provides visionary experiences and thus access to the realm of spirits and the souls of deceased ancestors. But DMT is not orally active, being metabolized by the stomach enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO). Certain chemicals in the vine inhibit the action of MAO and are therefore referred to as MAO-inhibitors: -- their presence in the brew makes the psychoactive principle available and allows it to circulate through the bloodstream into the brain, where it triggers the visionary access to otherworldly realms and beings. The details of this remarkably sophisticated indigenous psychoactive drug-delivery system, and the history of its discovery by science, will be described and explored in this volume."

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Grateful Daze

Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead

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Cruisin Down Memory Lane
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I recently ran into an old friend of mine, and we started talking about old times. We went to Grateful Dead shows together back in the day, so naturally the subject came up.
Talking about those days brought back old memories of piling in my buddies bus and heading off to some far away city to see a show. I spent one of the best summers of my life traveling around the country chasing the band, and becoming part of the circus of fans called Dead Heads who lived for this. Our entire lives revolved around going to Dead shows, it became our way of life. The groove and our way of life came to an abrupt end on Aug.9, 1995, when we found out Jerry died at the age of 53, in a Northern California residential drug treatment center, a victim of a heart attack. The Grateful Dead blended blues, rock, country and folk music with a dash of the psychedelic sound of the sixties counter-culture that grew out of their home base of San Francisco. Over three decades, the dead became one of the most popular concert draws in the world... Well, needless to say our lives were shattered, but his memory will live on forever in the hearts of the dedicated fans that lived for the music and the lifestyle that was created as a result. The day i found out, me and my local Dead Head friends gathered around the campfire to share stories of life on the road, and the amazing, life changing music that guided us through our lives. I wrote this poem the day Jerry died~

image source
I Was But A Child

I was but a child then,
so i did not feel the loss,
from Jimi, Janis, Pigpen,
i did not pay the cost.
When we lost brother Brent,
it made me weep for years,
but Jerry was ever there to
guide me through my tears.
Now even he is gone,
i feel lost and alone,
i think of what is lost,
and i am frozen to the bone.
How long will i weep now,
will i ever quit?
I drop into the abyss,
black and bottomless pit.
Now i am torn down,
far below how low i can go,
and all of this because,
there will never be
another show....
Creative Commons License
This work by mysticdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Over the years the pain has subsided, and the remaining members of the band, carry on, and continue to play music. Here is a glimpse into the fascinating, magical world of The Grateful Dead :)
The Grateful Dead~1965

image source

The Grateful Dead~1995
image source

Jerry Garcia~Ripple~My Favorite Jerry Song :)

Grateful Dead - 6-26-94 - So Many Roads~Las Vegas Show~I was there!!
This is one of the monumental Jerry ballads from the later years. Enjoy this one folks... it will definitely ease your soul. Anyone who knows Jerry's music will understand what this song meant to him. An affirmation and definition of his life and travels....

Grateful Dead - Peggy O - 6-26-94~
A magic moment in time captured in Las Vegas in 1994. This one is pure Jerry, frail yet strong and full of emotion. In my opinion, the solo alone is possibly one of the most poetic and heartfelt of Jerry's later years...

Grateful Dead-Eyes Of The World (3-27-88)
From Hampton, Virginia.... And on and on and on they go!!!!!

Grateful Dead - Iko Iko - Anaheim 1987

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Wild One

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She is a screamer, a dreamer,
a fire in the night.
She is a ball of fun,
wild one,
rock you to the lite.
She's got wanderlust,
she must,
get on the crazy road.
She is a traveler, a rambler,
call the world her home.
Rock in the night,
rock in the day,
rock all the time,
can't wait to play.
Loves to scream,
till her throat's sore.
Give her some time,
she'll rock you more.
She is a rocker,
non stopper,
she will make you fly.
She is a terror,
can't scare her,
and she never cries.
She needs to be free.
Don't stop her,
she'll only say so long.
So lets party down,
to the ground,
tomorrow, she'll be gone.

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Creative Commons License
This work by mysticdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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How To Destabilize Countries Legally. Economic Hitman

I first heard of this a couple years back, and i could not believe what i was this really how the "greatest country on earth" builds it's empire?
These videos were taken from an interview with Amy Goodman from Democracy them and judge for yourself.....
Commentary from Amy Goodman on Democracy now:
Today, we spend the hour with a man who claims to have worked deep inside the forces driving corporate globalization. In his first book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins told the story of his work as a highly paid consultant hired to strong-arm leaders into creating policy favorable to the US government and corporations, what he calls the "corporatocracy." John Perkins says he helped the US cheat poor countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars by lending them more money than they could possibly repay and then taking over their economies. John Perkins has just come out with his second book on this issue. It's called The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals and the Truth about Global Corruption. John Perkins joins us now in the firehouse studio. Well, before we go further, "economic hit men"—for those who haven't heard you describe this, let alone describe yourself as this, what do you mean?

JOHN PERKINS: Well, really, I think it's fair to say that since World War II, we economic hit men have managed to create the world's first truly global empire, and we've done it primarily without the military, unlike other empires in history. We've done it through economics very subtly.

We work many different ways, but perhaps the most common one is that we will identify a third world country that has resources our corporations covet, such as oil, and then we arrange a huge loan to that country from the World Bank or one of its sister organizations. The money never actually goes to the country. It goes instead to US corporations, who build big infrastructure projects—power grids, industrial parks, harbors, highways—things that benefit a few very rich people but do not reach the poor at all. The poor aren't connected to the power grids. They don't have the skills to get jobs in industrial parks. But they and the whole country are left holding this huge debt, and it's such a big bet that the country can't possibly repay it. So at some point in time, we economic hit men go back to the country and say, "Look, you know, you owe us a lot of money. You can't pay your debt, so you've got to give us a pound of flesh."

AMY GOODMAN: And explain your history. What made you an economic hit man?

JOHN PERKINS: Well, when I graduated from business school at Boston University, I was recruited by the National Security Agency, the nation's largest and perhaps most secretive spy organization.

AMY GOODMAN: People sometimes think the CIA is that, but the NSA, many times larger.

JOHN PERKINS: Yeah, it is larger. It's much larger. At least it was in those days. And it's very, very secretive. We all—there's a lot of rumors. We know quite a lot about the CIA, I think, but we know very, very little about the NSA. It claims to only work in a cryptography, you know, encoding and decoding messages, but in fact we all know that they're the people who have been listening in on our telephone conversations. That's come out recently. And they're a very, very secretive organization.

They put me through a series of tests, very extensive tests, lie detector tests, psychological tests, during my last year in college. And I think it's fair to say that they identified me as a good potential economic hit man. They also identified a number of weaknesses in my character that would make it relatively easy for them to hook me, to bring me in. And I think those weaknesses, I [inaudible] might call, the three big drugs of our culture: money, power and sex. Who amongst us doesn't have one of them? I had all three at the time.

And then I joined the Peace Corps. I was encouraged to do that by the National Security Agency. I spent three years in Ecuador living with indigenous people in the Amazon and the Andes, people who today and at that time were beginning to fight the oil companies. In fact, the largest environmental lawsuit in the history of the world has just been brought by these people against Texaco, Chevron. And that was incredibly good training for what I was to do.

And then, while I was still in the Peace Corps, I was brought in and recruited into a US private corporation called Charles T. Main, a consulting firm out of Boston of about 2,000 employees, very low-profile firm that did a tremendous amount of work of what I came to understand was the work of economic hit men, as I described it earlier, and that's the role I began to fulfill and eventually kind of rose to the top of that organization as its chief economist.

Democracy Now with John Perkins part1:

Democracy Now with John Perkins part2:

Jonathan May-Economic Hitman-1986:
Jonathan May formerly worked for the International Monetary Fund in England.

In the early 1980s he came to America with a plan to release Americans from debt to the banking system by employing the same "credit creating" system used by international banking.

The law governing this system is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

May was initially successful. Eventually, however, he was targeted and imprisoned by the banking system.

He is now in a Federal prison in the midwest. While in prison he was interviewed by Lindsey Williams via phone.

This is a talk, given by Lindsey Williams in 1986, and covers the continuing efforts of International Bankers to control the economies of the world through 20:1 fractional lending, gold and oil manipulation, and eventually the setup of one world central bank.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

It's not too late

A wonderful video from songinwind, check out more videos at her youtube channel:

music by Robbie Robertson, "what about now"

Created for all people so afraid to share companionship and love, so stay alone--" just reach out love is a finger tip away" but fear keeps us alone...

You are part of me now
You touched me,
With your kindness and love
So enchanted.
Your soft lips are kind.
Your eyes glow with life.
I'm glad you touched me,
You're part of me now.
Lloyd Carl Owle (Cherokee)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Time of Awakening - How to Survive the Changes A wonderful video to help us through the times of change we are now facing.
Whether you are a follower of the Ascension process, 2012 or just worried about the future as our financial and corporate systems collapse around us. This video gives simple but important knowledge to help us through. All is not always as it seems.
Produced by

Friday, August 21, 2009

Blessed Be The Pain

image source

Blessed be the pain,
that we may know the lack of it.
Smile for the fear,
for it makes us brave,
and for the poverty,
because it makes us rich.
Always love the nightmare,
so we will love the dream,
and embrace the loneliness,
that we may hold camaraderie.
Thanks unto the confusion,
that we may know clarity,
and unto the drudgery,
that we may know relaxation.
Blessed be the pain,
that we may know the lack of it.

Creative Commons License
This work by mysticdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spiritual Awakenings

I was recently wandering through youtube, in search of uplifting and enlightening videos, when i discovered these gems. The person who created these wonderful videos is named friamin, and they are some of the best i have come across. Check out his channel for more:
I went through and found a few that really inspired me, and i hope you all enjoy them as much as i do... :)

Spiritual Metaphysical:
Your Spiritual Metaphysical connection....To know what God is, is to truly serve God. To find god we must learn to develop our sixth sense. The five senses are fine for this dimension, but imagine the endless possibilities if you were able to tap into your universal consciousness. Daily meditation on God will bring you closer to the truth of who and what you really are.

I am:
Reflect on your spiritual transformation.....God loves you...Learn your true value...Love yourself.....
We are more than what we appear on the surface. What we see in the mirror everyday. What we call I. Peel away these layers of illusion and discover your true identity.
All is ONE....We are not separate.....we all are from the same source.....Peace.....

Forward To The Light:
I have no time to explain the state which envelopes me, nor do I have the inclination to describe the circumstances leading up to the discovery of my own personal journey. It is a road which passes as a wagon travels the terrain of uncharted territory. Non-descript, no end in sight and a yearning desire to reach the final destination.
I was moved by a piece of music that set the tone and inclination for a spiritual connection to the unknown. That place which holds so much mystery and desire for even the simplest of travelers.
It is the journey towards the light. A journey which cant be justified. A journey which you know you must take. A journey that will finally validate you inner most desires. How do you approach this journey?
Do you pack a survival kit? Do you make sure all provisions are in order? Do you start your journey knowing where you want to end up or do you take the journey for the sake of taking the journey. This is up to each of us to decide.
My journey began because of a flower. A flower that spends it's whole life looking for the light. No other purpose no other needs or wants.
It searched for the light which gave it life and completed it''s reason for being.
My journey is that of a flower always searching for the light.
I move forward to the light..........

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beauty and Mystery in Guatemala

Atitlan Tour-Guatemala:
Amazing tour, filled with color, culture and great visuals. Featuring San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlan Guatemala and coffee production, sacred mayan fire ceremony, easter week and more.

Guatemala-day of Dead-Santiago Sacatepéquez:
Imagine a party in the Graveyard, Dia de Los Muertos-the day of the dead in Guatemala, set to the music of John Lennon and Susan Aglukark. No religion no borders just people and spirits enjoying a day in Santiago Sacatepéquez.

Mayan ceremony in Guatemala:
Mayan ceremony led by Pedro Cruz at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Guatemala Video Productions:
Music video from San Pedro la Laguna, Paula Marconi singing

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crystal Skulls~The Big Secret

The year was 1996, Jade Road would meet with David Icke and attempt to expose the Illuminati, and the Skull and Bones Society with a documentary detailing their secrets of illusion and plans for global control, but the copies of these tapes would soon disappear...

Guatemala, Atlantis or Atitlan and the crystal skulls
Crystal skulls were from Atlantis but the secrets were kept at a place called Atitlan in Guatemala with the Mayans.

People from the Sky
Crystal skulls in Tikal Guatemala during activation, confronted by police. Police take part, yaaa!!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crystal Skulls

CRYSTAL SKULLS , The Beginning
How it all began....

What has 2012 and the maya culture have to do with the crystal skulls? The daykeeper of the mayan calender tells some of the secrets....
Crystal Skull and Mayan

Crystal Skulls, of Atitlan (Atlantis)
Guatemala. The Story begins and the secrets of the Crystal skulls from Tikal.

Party with Kannal
In Guatemala at lake Atitlan. With Kannal- in San Marcos

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Shamans gathered for Mayan calender countdown to 2012. Winter solstice celebration at Tikal Guatamala.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Terence McKenna~Hope~Institutions



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kannal: Live at the Fox Theater, Boulder CO

What a magical night this was! Kannal performs in their new hometown of Boulder. Fresh from a trip to the jungles of Guatamala they bring their magic *shaman rock* to the Rocky Mountains.... :)
Animal Angel: The ancient mystic cry....

Desert Flower: Shake my bones 'till they shatter....
Shake my soul like a rattle....

Sun and Moon: Come together and inspire the divine union....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Terence Mckenna - Culture is your operating system

Taken from the show "Light of the 3rd Millennium". Pictures are from among various artists like Alex Grey, Mark Henson and Google. :) Music is Murcof.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

White Line Fever

One more string of generic
hotel rooms in the fabric
of my life.
Another tale to tack on
to the miles of stories gone
before it.
Still an old coffee shop,
same as the last one i saw,
a piece back down the road...
So this is why i live,
and this is how i die.
How many people do i
unwillingly make cry...
My road, on and on it goes,
where it ends no one knows.
Back and forth and up and down,
but i'll always be around.
Another hundred thousand or so,
white line fever on
rural roads....

Creative Commons License
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terence McKenna: Culture is not your friend

Culture is not your friend, it's an impediment to understanding what's going on. That's why to my mind the word cult and the word culture have a direct relationship to each other. Culture is a cult and if you feel revulsion at the thought of somebody offering to the great carrot, just notice that your own culture is an extremely repressive cult that leads to all kinds of humiliation and degradation, and automatic and unquestioned and unthinking behavior.

I mean the American family is what keeps American psychotherapy alive and well. This is a cauldron for the production of neurosis.

Part of what psychedelics do, is they de-condition you from cultural values. This is what makes it such a political hot potato, since all culture is a kind of con game, the most dangerous candy you can hand out is candy that makes people start questioning the rules of the game.

From the lecture: "Into the Valley of Novelty"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gateways of Light

A powerful Spiritual Awakening is happening across our planet with people in all walks of life rapidly peeling away their veils of limitation and finding inner completeness. A higher vibrational reality awaits us based on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Wounded Healer

In Greek myths, Chiron was the wisest of the Centaurs and the archetype of the Wounded Healer

He was accidentally wounded by an arrow that had been dipped in the blood of the Hydra

In his search for his own cure, he discovered how to heal others

In teaching others the healing arts, he found a measure of solace from his own pain

The Wounded Healer understands what the patient feels because he has gone through the same pain

The suffering patient can be cared for by the Healer and be instrumental in the Healers own healing

Each encounter between Healer and patient can be transforming for both

The lesson of Chiron teaches us is that we can overcome pain and transcend into knowledge

That each of us can become a Wounded Healer

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Shaman's Journey

A film about a voyage into the spirit realm. Documenting an authentic shamanic experience....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


An ill wind is blowing,

it's chilly frozen breath,

i'm tired of not knowing,

never get no rest.

My gypsy blood is boiling,

begging for the road.

I'm tired of this toiling,

sick of getting old.

Keep doin' both anyhow,

trying to get by.

Wish i had blown this town,

dying to get high.....

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This work by mysticdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Earthmark

There is just One Planet. There is only One Humanity.

We all bear the Earthmark.

©2009 Humanity Healing. Partial Rights Reserved.

Foundation Website:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Terence Mckenna - Schizophrenic or Shamanic?

Terence Mckenna giving his view on how we define the mentally ill because we haven't got any place in our society to put these strange perceptions of reality that some people experience and how we should not fear these states but be confident and turn them into some sort of planetary worldview. The video speaks for itself.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dawning of a New Age

The final stage started over 20 years ago. Now the Great Year is ending. A New Year like never before is coming. It's 11:57PM. Ask yourself this: If money didn't exist would your life be the same as it is now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cosmic Dance

The dynamics of poetic analogy are often overlooked, however our intuition functions within this paradigm of thought. Shamanism as well as most esoteric schools of thought have used as their primary modus operandi the dynamics of poetic analogy. It is only over the past 500 years that we have forgotten this non-rational way of perceiving our world. Ironically it is through the instruments of the Western pragmatic materialistic culture that we now can weave all of these observations into a poem. This is the essence of the information revolution, the medium is the message.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mystical Dream

(Loreena McKennitt)A clouded dream on an earthly night
Hangs upon the crescent moon
A voiceless song in an ageless light
Sings at the coming dawn
Birds in flight are calling there
Where the heart moves the stones
There that my heart is longing for
All for the love of you

A painting hangs on an ivy wall
Nestled in the emerald moss
The eyes declare a truce of trust
Then it draws me far away
Where deep in the desert twilight
Sand melts in pools of the sky
Darkness lays her crimson cloak
Your lamps will call, call me home

And so it's there that my homage's due
Clutch-ed by the still of the night
Now I feel, feel you move
And every breath, breath is full
So it's there my homage's due
Clutch-ed by the still of the night
Even the distance feels so near
All for the love of you

A clouded dream on an earthly night
Hangs upon the crescent moon
A voiceless song in an ageless light
Sings at the coming dawn
Birds in flight are calling there
Where the heart moves the stones
There at my heart is longing for
All for the love of you