Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2012: Doomsday?

A documentary film by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. http://BrainMind.com

We are commonly asked about the buildings which remain standing. Most were destroyed. What we see are those in remote areas and those which were so incredibly massive in size it was impossible to destroy them, even with the use of cannons. However, the entire Aztec capital was destroyed, and in its place is the capital of Mexico, Mexico City, and its hundreds of Catholic churches and cathedrals.

We are also asked if we believe the world will end in 2012? The answer is: "no." The next cycle of the Mayan calendar ends on 2012. Does this mean the Maya's believed the world end on 2012? No. It means the calendar ends. Yet, there is also a warning, and we must learn from the past, so let those with eyes, see.

Part 1~Fall of the Aztec Empire~

Part 2~Lost Civilizations, Lost Continents~


  1. Very good! I suppose if we're to believe that the calendar ends in 2012, then I suppose there was no life before the birth of Christ if we believe Christians have all the answers like the Mayans. Besides, if the Mayans were so wise, where the hell are they? You're right. Learn from them. Learn from Easter Island. Learn from the HoHoKam.

  2. This is fascinating Dave. I LOVE it and have tweeted it. Thank you for sharing it. I love this kind of thing. I've watched the first video and am going to watch the second later. Fantastic. :)

    "earth" is me Robin Eastin. :))
    I have to figure out how to change "earth" to own name.

  3. so much is being written about 2012 however this is an interesting blog as are the videos

  4. Hey man, cool videos and cool blog. This dedication deserves its own domain.