Friday, September 18, 2009

Wild One

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She is a screamer, a dreamer,
a fire in the night.
She is a ball of fun,
wild one,
rock you to the lite.
She's got wanderlust,
she must,
get on the crazy road.
She is a traveler, a rambler,
call the world her home.
Rock in the night,
rock in the day,
rock all the time,
can't wait to play.
Loves to scream,
till her throat's sore.
Give her some time,
she'll rock you more.
She is a rocker,
non stopper,
she will make you fly.
She is a terror,
can't scare her,
and she never cries.
She needs to be free.
Don't stop her,
she'll only say so long.
So lets party down,
to the ground,
tomorrow, she'll be gone.

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