Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ganja Man

Since i am a Ganja Man,
establishment at war with me.
So i always fight them,
in ways they cannot see.
But since i am a dead head,
i must try to be kind.
Babylonians don't know love,
We're so sorry they're blind.
My brothers and my sisters,
we walk in the light.
Sometimes it's really harsh,
to know wrong from right.
So a word for the faithful,
we shall inherit the earth.
Light the chalice for meekness,
know your destiny from birth.
Peace and love are ideals,
for which we strive and work,
though it seems impossible,
and yet we do not shirk.
We shall overcome and
smoke out in the open,
so Rastafari bless us all,
we always will be tokin'.

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  1. I like this, Dave. I love the rhythmic light in your poetry!

  2. Love your poetry Dave :) Keep going...

  3. very nice enjoyed reading this and the feeling is so true :))

  4. Like the bouncy rhythm in service of a serious subject.