Sunday, May 10, 2009


Nite, my brother, i welcome
thee into me.
The flames i light are for thee.
Draw their warmth and lite
into thyself.
Consume them, drink them,
make of them a magick.
Nite, my brother, i beckon
thee into me.
Hide me, calm me, soothe me,
as you soothe us all.
Blanket us with your
solitude and joy.
Nay, we do not fear thee
any longer.
For though some claimest
thou conquered.
We know thee, feel thine
strength course through us,
and are strong.
In the course of time lo,
these centuries,
we have feared, yea even
despised thee.
Ignorance can oft breed spite,
even in the noblest of souls.
I, we, have come to know better.
To the nite then,
now my brother.

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  1. Beautiful poem, lovely use of language, stunning.

  2. much Gratitude Dave for this wonderful Poem
    thanks for posting the videos here

    peace n blessings

    your good friend

  3. i like this a lot keep me drawn in until the end
    well done dave